NFT Strategies for Artists

  1. NFTs are a great way to sell digital art. Try and get on a curated platform like SuperRare, MakersPlace or KnownOrigin, but you can begin right away with OpenSea, which is a perfectly respectable platform to sell on. Unfortunately for Rarible, another open platform, it has the reputation of being a little cheap feeling — the equivalent of selling your art on eBay — so I’d probably avoid that for now.
  2. NFTs can act as a value-add for your physical artworks, as well as a receipt and certificate of authenticity. Telling a collector you have an NFT version of the artwork that accompanies the physical work shows that you’re plugged-in to what’s happening and gives a professional, as well a more collectable, quality to your artwork. It’s like giving a deluxe receipt, certificate of authenticity and digital version of the artwork as a bonus, which can only encourage a collector to make a purchase.
  3. Ethereum gas fees are very high right now (gas is required to mint a token), so you may want to wait for prices to come down again. MJ suggested collectors should pay for minting artworks and I actually think that’s a pretty good idea. It’s the equivalent of the collector paying for shipping, which is an industry-standard.




Italian-Canadian artist in Berlin.

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Adrian Pocobelli

Adrian Pocobelli

Italian-Canadian artist in Berlin.

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